19 February 2007

Grass-Fed Beef -- Alert!

I've noticed that few things make such a huge difference in taste as grass-fed cattle. Whether it's cream in my coffee or milk on my cereal, ground beef in my chili, or a roast or a steak, I notice a 300% increase in taste when I use happy, healthy, grass-fed cow products. My favorite local provider is City Market regular, Wolf Creek Farm.

Wolf Creek Farm will be making its last winter delivery to Charlottesville this Saturday, Feb. 24, from 9:00AM to 10:30AM in the Water Street parking lot, where the Charlottesville City Market meets. They will bring pre-ordered items as well as a few extra cuts for spur of the moment buyers, but, to be sure they have what you want, it's best to place your orders beforehand so they can bring your preferred cuts to market.

They've got retail price lists by cut, and by quantity on their website. How cool is that?

They are currently out of stock on all the round cuts, beef chuck and blade chuck roasts, stew meat, flank steak, tongue, and oxtail. If you aren't sure whether they'll have what you need, or want to order, you can shoot them an e-mail inquiry at info@wolfcreek-farm.com.

Charlottesville City Market opens in April, so this will be the last delivery for a couple of months. Might want to stock up.


Lonnie said...

I just wish we hadn't lost Georgetown Farms. It wasn't just the yummy bison that we lost on our hamburgers, but also the opportunity for me to see their cute brown fuzzy selves grazing while on my marathon training runs. Besides, there were bison here in Virginia when colonists arrived, so it was nice have them back again.

TL Patten said...

Speaking of Georgetown Farms, I tried making buffalo chili and failed. The gamier taste of the meat was more like bear than like beef. It required something different from my usual seasonings and I couldn't figure out how to adapt for it. (I don't eat either bear or bison regularly enough to get a handle on the difference.) Have you ever tried to cook it as part of a recipe instead of steak/burgers? If so, got any tips for spicing?

Lonnie said...


Sharon and I have been eating alot of deer recently. We've found that dishes made for lamb work really well with deer substituted. So far, we've done Deer Rogon Gosh (Indian curry dish), and a german inspired dish with a paprika sour cream sauce over homemade spaetzle.

I'm willing to bet that Bison would also work in some of those dishes. I'd also think that a potroast with tiny onions, parsnips, and other seasonings would work well. For some reason, we've taken to using Juniper berries to season our deer, especially during the marination process. (Speaking of which marinating is key for any leaner meat).