16 August 2007

Drought Warning--Official Restrictions

Effective immediately, the City of Charlottesville has issued a drought warning for our area. The required water use restrictions are at http://www.charlottesville.org/Index.aspx?page=635&recordid=535.

Below the mandatory restrictions is a good list of tips for water conservation in your home or office, both indoor & outdoor use.

My favorite: Buy a few gallon jugs of spring or drinking water at your grocer of choice. Use that water for filling up pet bowls, making the morning coffee/tea, etc. Keep the empty jugs for near-future use. Install a large bucket in the shower or bath and use the gray water from that to fill up the empty jugs. That gray water can, in turn, be used for

(1) watering plants
(2) cleaning the house
(3) doing the dishes in the sink
(4) wiping down outdoor/patio furniture/decking

When the restrictions are over and you want to get rid of the extra jugs, they are recyclable w/ curbside pickup or at McIntire Center. The large bucket can be stored or used for other purposes until needed again. Thereby, you've closed the cycle in nearly all aspects.

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