29 February 2008

Dredging Included

Vis-a-vis the dredging issue and the credibility of the company that did the estimate, someone should set the record straight. Gannett Fleming does dredge, and they state as much on their website: http://www.gannettfleming.com/envmanagement/nepa.aspx

Anyone who went farther than the first 2 pages, or bothered to type "dredging" into their search engine, would have found that page.

Since the cvillewater.info group has made much of the fact that they didn't see dredging operations listed among the company's areas of expertise, I thought it would be a service to correct that.

And just to make sure the point carries, I did a Google search "Gannett Fleming dredging" to see if I could find verification from other sites that they've been connected with dredging:

IDSWater, which appears to be an industry supersite, lists them at http://www.idswater.com/water/us/gannett_fleming/ozone_technology/9089_0/directory_listing.html

Western Dredging Association's member directory lists a dredging expert from Gannett Fleming at http://www.westerndredging.org/member_directory.php?letter=s

They were involved in the North Park Lake dredging project in/near Pittsburgh, PA, and there's a report on that project online at

I don't know about the general populace, but I personally have a really hard time believing the unsupported suppositions of 6 disaffected Charlottesvillians over these and 800 other sites on Google that specifically associate Gannett Fleming with dredging operations. At this point in time, I see no reason to believe their estimate was incorrect.

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