21 January 2007

Green Plaidie Scotsman

Don't you find that it generally helps perspective to dive into foreign newspapers every once in a while?

Today's Scotsman has a great article on reducing your individual carbon footprint, which is all the rage on the other side of the pond.

Retail giant Marks & Spencer is dedicating more money than our federal government to overhauling its energy plan, is seeking local suppliers, and has made a pledge to become carbon neutral by 2012. Several major blue-chip Brit companies, including Sun Microsystems and BP, have instigated a task force tasked with producing an industrial agenda for going clean and green. Senior politicians have been ordered to take the bus to work instead of their stretch limos. Prince Charles canceled a ski trip due to media razzing over his waste of jet fuel. Even Tony Blair will be hip deep in dirt, planting trees, thanks to a fracas with his top advisor on environmental sustainability.

Next, the Great Scot tartan will be changin' from black and blue to green and brown. I'd buy a length o' that!

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