11 January 2007

House Passes Minimum Wage Bill

In a 315 to 111 vote, the House of Representatives passed an act increasing the federal minimum wage from $5.15/hour to $7.25/hour. That 315 tally included 82 Republicans who refused to toe the party line. 54 Republicans even abandoned ship and voted against a motion to add business tax breaks to the bill.

I'm guessing these guys are up for reelection in 2008.

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Kempis said...

I think all a stunt. And the reason everyone is voting for the projects is because they all know (or think) it will never make it into law. It will all be just the usual smoke and mirrors. The first 100 hours bills will give the party plenty of good publicity while American's are focusing their microscopic attention spans on the new House. The public will see them passing bills and assume they're being more productive. But none (or very very few) of the bills will actually ever make it into law. But hey it won't matter because no one will be paying attention at that point. I wish it were not so- I'd like to see quite a few of those bills pass. But I just cannot buy into the hype.